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1 - To inform, disseminate and enlighten ASAP the healthcare professionals and all those involved in the care and management of the current Covid-19 pandemic.

2 - To allow each Practitioner to have access to rapid information on the advancement of knowledge and feedback from various experiences around the world in connection with the management of Covid-19 by antihistamines (alone or associated with others therapeutic classes) so that he/she can analyze the state of knowledge and evidence, in an informed way, and understand the pertinence of its use in his professional practice as well as in his/her mind and heart.

3 - Because while awaiting validation through the academic route, doctors must integrate the reality of a new situation into their practice in order to cope with the 5,000 daily deaths in the world (average number on the day of creation of this site 2020)

4 - Because the experience feedback, the discoveries and other advances from different coherent teams make it possible to approach reality, as coincidence is not reproducible ...

5 - Because:

“At the source of all knowledge, there is an idea, a thought, then experience confirms the idea. "

(Claude BERNARD)

The Thought for creating 

To communicate to as many people as possible the data linking SARS-Cov2 (and Covid-19) to the histamine and immuno-inflammatory system.

To allow an understanding of the probable interest of antihistamines in Covid-19.

To provide the keys, to the greatest number of clinicians, for an informed reflection on a possible therapeutic choice and this, pending the usual validations in the field of human health, in this very particular and unprecedented context of the Covid19  pandemic. 

Faced with a global health emergency that we are still experiencing on 01/11/2020: a new responsiveness, a new organization and transmission of knowledge

"It's what we think we already know that often prevents us from learning."

(Claude BERNARD)

The Working of

CetiCov19 brings together the links to consult all the work available on the internet on antihistamines (RH1 or RH2) and Covid19, Furthermore, teams and / or researchers and / or clinicians involved in the management of Covid-19, having a lot of experience and / or proposals and / or contributions related to antihistamines (alone or combined with other therapeutic classes) are invited to communicate here their work (material applications and / or theoretical). Your contribution is made by emailing the documents (using direct email). Each "contributor" accepts de facto the deposit of its documents on this site and thus their distribution without expecting anything in return or any sort of financial compensation.

The Ceticov19 site is a non commercial venture and does not do the promotion of any product, individual or institution. Any mention to individual (s), institution (s) or product (s) is intended for informational purposes only (who does what with what ...)

The Persons behind the idea

Professionals involved in health care, citizens whose professional or personal skills are put, as volunteers, at the service of health in the current context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Readers and Contributors should not be influenced, so we have decided to remove the website creator's credentials.


All information is published in a fair manner, as communicated by their authors, without any modification and always leaving their original text.

The authors of the data added to this site  take full responsibility and accountability for the published work. The opinions expressed in their documents are the sole responsibility of the authors.

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